Allways looking down and down…

soap film

from, author Gerd Guenther, Düsseldorf, Germany

As usual on this times, looking for the smallest to understand tha BIG


Final Jury ! Nude Paper 2010

slideshow of final day on flickr

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NudePaper: FTH last session

closing session of academic year 2010

NudePaper: Resultados Optativa Arquitectura Paramétrica

Daniel Ibañez:
FaBots/NGPS:Ali Basbous+Miquel lloveras
Codagym fitness program conditions your mind, fits your spirit, puts a smile on your face and bounce in your step!
Coda is proud to present a wild and woolly workout!
FTH, Featuring the Hits is a series of open events to share cool things and learn new ones, have some drinks and dance!

image  done with GH+Kangaroo

fabrication resources!

some tutorials to elaborate fabrication files in grasshopper

lets fabricate !

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Final exercice !

Es tracta de generar digital i físicament un prototip per a un Pavelló de Fira.
Haurà de cobrir la llum proposada amb el mínim (idealment cap) de pilars.
Amb les tècniques de : Doblat / Costelles / Pestanyes / Macles / Agregació / Component …

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Fabricació 1

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Von Neumann is coming

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Processing tutorials!

Aqui us deixem alguns links a tutorials

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