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Paper discoveries

a variety of recent discoveries on paper crafting.

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Case Study · Relaxation Park (2002)

Coda aims to analyze some interesting geometries by defining a list of 10 case studies. Understand by drawing and writing, the generative processes behind the geometries. Define the variables, parameters and functions of the project. Make the first step in defining the pseudocode as Toyo Ito did.

emergent patterns


More emergent patterns throught iterative process.

Originally uploaded by nervous system

cellular quasi-periodic lattice

Two triangular diatoms with quasi-hexagonal patterned surface.

Fantastic gallery of cute small worlds.

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Las aventuras de Anselme Lanturlu

Le Topologicon es  una excitante aventura para entender gráficamente la topología. Es  esencial para todo aquel que se adentra a estudiar subdivisiones, superficies, modelado de mallas, campos vectoriales , deformaciones, y el espacio topológico.

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Hypercomplex Realities

What happens when mathematics are bored?  They roll and zoom… Its not biological SEM images, its exponential computation, its maths orgasm!

seed geometry explorations

Ornithogalum dubium

Photograph: Rob Kesseler & Madeline Harley
The Kew Millenium Seed Bank collects seeds from around the world (you can even adopt some to save species).

A morphological study on seeds geometry will be posted soon (with shared code or definition). Why does nature uses the abused Voronoi dyagrams in such proper way?

The Kew Millennium Seed Bank