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NudePaper: FTH last session

closing session of academic year 2010

NudePaper: Resultados Optativa Arquitectura Paramétrica

Daniel Ibañez:
FaBots/NGPS:Ali Basbous+Miquel lloveras
Codagym fitness program conditions your mind, fits your spirit, puts a smile on your face and bounce in your step!
Coda is proud to present a wild and woolly workout!
FTH, Featuring the Hits is a series of open events to share cool things and learn new ones, have some drinks and dance!

image  done with GH+Kangaroo


Final exercice !

Es tracta de generar digital i físicament un prototip per a un Pavelló de Fira.
Haurà de cobrir la llum proposada amb el mínim (idealment cap) de pilars.
Amb les tècniques de : Doblat / Costelles / Pestanyes / Macles / Agregació / Component …

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Models are real

Really sharp thoughts by Olafur Eliasson about models:

What we are witnessing is a shift in the traditional relationship between reality and representation. We no longer progress from model to reality, but from model to model while acknowledging that both models are, in fact, real. As a result we may work in a very productive manner with reality experienced as a conglomeration of models. Rather than seeing model and reality as polarized modes, they now function on the same level. Models have become coproducers of reality.

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Paper discoveries

a variety of recent discoveries on paper crafting.

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